Sharing the Bill With Richard Branson!

On Monday (11/5/14) is was asked back once again to perform at the most prestigious business awards dinner in the country. The Scottish Business Awards.

This year 2000 of Scotland’s most influential Business leaders were treated to a lavish bash in Edinburgh’s International Conference Centre.

Stage entertainment came in the form of no other than comedian Michael McIntyre, while the up close and personal stuff came from me! I’m quite chuffed to say that I have shared the entertainment bill with Michael and Richard Branson on the same night. I’m am however glad I didn’t need to follow him on stage as he absolutely smashed it, watching from the sidelines you could tell why he is one of the countries most popular comedians.

The audience this year were as great as ever, with everyone one there to have a good time and help raise cash for important causes spirits were high. The oceans of complimentary drinks certainly seemed to help in loosening pockets as 100′s of thousands of pounds were raised on the night!

Above all of this however was the inspiration gained from listening to Sir Richard Branson talk about all aspects of his business mentality and personal views. He truly is a remarkable man, who has literally seen and done it all.

I feel privileged once again to have been part of this, especially as I was the only magician to be hired, having recognition on this level makes it all the more special.

I look forward to next year and came only speculate as to who can follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton and Richard Branson.

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