Celebrity Shenanigans

Last week saw a run of corporate events that ranged from clean cut and ordinary to out there and crazy.

The most notable of these was a huge event held at Stirling Castle.

It was for a comanpy called Kongsberg and was held in celebration of their 200 year anniversary. This is a multi national company whos interests and products are far reaching and even a little scary, weaponized military system’s for instance.

This event was held simultaneously with many others around the world, and the additional entertainment laid on was second to none. Normally I wouldn’t be too fussed about what else was going on at an event but here even I was taken a back.

The whole Castle courtyard had been transformed into a medieval tournament ground with a team of Scottish actors playing the part of highlanders and knights. Battle scenes took place throughout the evening with swords smashing against shields and wood splinters flying everywhere. It was a sight to behold and one which to be honest was hard to compete with, having someone focus on you while a charge of 7 men dressed in full highland gear, axes above there heads rushing toward you was a little difficult, especially when it was me who was tempted to just stop and watch the proceedings.

I was only on for an hour a afterward in the greenroom I was introduced to the guys from the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

They were a great bunch and it didn’t take long for them to ask to see a little magic. Their reactions were priceless, up there with the loudest and most enthusiastic iv seen, to the point were the vent manager had to come and ask the headline act to keep the noise down! Getting this kind of reaction from a band who tour the world was a nice little compliment.

Afterward they took the time for a few pics. All in all a great night.

Stirling castle magic

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