What is Magic?

What Is Magic?

This is something I get asked a lot while performing. Usually in the form of a question dressed as the statement “magic isn’t real…” Well for me that’s all subjective.

The dictionary defines magic as “having or apparently having supernatural powers.”. No distinction is drawn between real magic(?) and the illusion of magic. The philosophical burden of proof rests solely in the hands of the magician, therefore surly if the magician can present a truly imperceptible performance then the only reasonable notion for the audience is to assume the performer is either, a real magician or one apparently having supernatural powers, both of which are classed as magic.

So if you ask me if magic is real then yes, by definition it is most defiantly real.

However breaking it down with semantics only serves to diminish what I believe is the true power of magic – Wonder, defined as “a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.” Surely the greatest definition any performing art could aspire to? Wonder can be achieved with almost anything, acting, music, dance, comedy, the list is endless, however as magicians we are uniquely placed to deliver each and every point that defines wonder. So to me magic is the purest way to deliver the feeling that comes when experiencing wonder. A feeling that cannot be replicated through any other outlet.

So next time you ask me the question “is magic real” I can either direct you to this post or you can relax let me show you what its all about.


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