The Problem with a Professional Hobby

It has been a long time since I last posted and this has mainly been due to my life taking a path I never seen coming.

4 years ago I gave up the rat race to pursue my passion in magic full time. Those 4 years have given me some of the best times in my life, however I find myself yet again at a crossroads.

Magic is, and always has been my passion, it has impacted every aspect of my personality and shaped the way I see the world. Doing what you love for a living certainly is the dream and knowing you are the master of your own destiny gives you an incredible sense of self motivation and determination. However all this comes at a price.

The satisfaction you feel chasing perfection in an art that has no bounds is limitless. Magic has so many paths, avenues, mountains, rivers and valleys to traverse and explore that you are never left feeling stagnant. However there is a HUGE difference between doing something because you want to and doing it because you have to.

Professional magicians are polished, technically proficient and consistent (most of the time). These traits come from the repetition of performing the material 1000’s of times in every conceivable circumstance. For these traits I am eternally grateful but the time has come to take a step back. Reflect on what the last 4 years performing day in day out has taught me. Take some time to re-capture the passion for learning and perfecting material the general public will never see. I never want to resent magic or performing and felt continuing on the path I was on would inevitably lead to that.

For now I have a new daily focus one that takes me away from magic and allows me to once again draw the distinction between work and leisure. It feels great and already has the added bonus of allowing me to be a little more relaxed in my choice of gigs. If I am working for you in the near future you can be sure it is because I want to and not because I have to. That really makes a difference. For everyone involved.

For now I am off to practice a ridiculously complicated gambling routine that I have no intention of ever showing anyone. Why? Because I can and I want to. 🙂

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