Magic Tuition

A lot of people ask me about magic tuition so I decided to offer a service that caters for those who have a genuine passion for magic and would like to enhance their ability and knowledge.

I have mentored students of all ages and can help with various aspects of your performance ability. Whether you would just like to learn a few trick to impress your friends or you would like to develop a full professional routine, each package it tailored to your individual needs.

Prerequisite requirements:

  • At least a basic knowledge of magic. This is to discourage people with only a fleeting interest in magic, the ones who are only interested in the secrets and how it all works. That’s not what i’m offering.
  • A passion for magic
  • Willingness to learn and commit to practice

These are the only things I ask and from here the sky is the limit. I want to use my experience and knowledge to help others on their journey. Nothing is worst than bad magic, so if I can help you to become a better performer then it would be a success.

Each package is individually priced so if you would like to discuss how I can help you contact me here.